This year finally in Sardinia. Holiday in La Caletta? Great choice. Here's a super practical guide written by a Sardinian girl herself to tell you how I would have a great 7-day holiday here, in and around La Caletta, and how you can too.

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In a previous article, I talked about La Caletta, a small corner of paradise located on the north-eastern coast of Sardinia. It is a destination where you can leave city life behind and enjoy relax and discover local traditions.

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Spend a few days in this pretty seaside town and you will rediscover the pleasure of slow, relaxed living. But spending a holiday in La Caletta can also be an excellent opportunity to explore the surroundings, discovering new territories and experiences on the east coast of Sardinia. If you love getting to know new places, La Caletta is the ideal starting point, a strategic base for experiencing new things every day. 

To make the most of the key location of La Caletta and my Charming House, I thought that a guidebook that tells you exactly how a person who knows the beauty of the island would live for seven days here in the area would be ideal so as not to miss a single minute of wonderful experiences.

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Se invece non l’hai ancora fatto qui ti lascio un link segreto per ottenere un codice riservato che permette di risparmiare solo ai lettori di questo sito 😉

Ecco dunque what to do in 7 days in La Caletta.


The best way to start your 7-day vacation in La Caletta is to discover the beach of the town's namesake, a stone's throw from the center. It is known throughout the island and is one of the largest beaches in Sardinia. 

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If you leave from my Charming House then all you have to do is have a hearty breakfast and get ready for a wonderful day of peace and relaxation. In between swimming, if you want, you can take a refreshing break alla Gelateria Artigianale Non Solo Coni, located just behind the beach. 

The ice creams are really tasty and my advice is to try them all 😀

Sea, sun, fine sand, turquoise water...and the time has flown by. It is now lunchtime.

What I recommend is a hearty packed lunch to stay on the beach as long as you wish without the stress of going and coming back.

Alternatively, if you prefer, you can take advantage of the proximity and drop by El Barrio del MarHere you will immerse yourself in a relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy some of La Caletta's typical dishes. In addition to the delicious appetizers, you can enjoy first courses, main courses and desserts, all accompanied by a good local wine. 

A few more hours of sea and the aperitif hour, "sacred" here in Sardinia, strikes.

And to end your first day on a high note, I assure you there is no better place than Il Moletto Ostricheria Grill in Capo CominoYou'll need a car to get there but it will be the most atmospheric aperitif you've ever had. By the sea, next to the dunes and with food and cocktails of the highest caliber. 




The second day of your vacation in La Caletta, could only take a cue from the ideas of my friend Perla who loves Sardinia like nothing else.

As always, it's ideal to start with a hearty breakfast, which you can have in the apartment or at Bar Nord-Ovest 3.0, just a short walk from the pedestrian zone. 

Now that we are ready, legs on our shoulders and everyone in the car. An amazing beach awaits you (also one of my favorites).

We travel south, about 20 kilometers from the city, driving through truly picturesque scenery. In a half-hour you will reach Berchida Beach, a wonderful crescent-shaped cove with turquoise waters and fine, white sand.

A heavenly scene for anyone, even for them:


Access is free but if you want you can enjoy some paid services such as sunbeds, umbrellas, refreshment stations and water sports equipment rental (check it out here).

After a pleasant morning on the beach, the advice is to have lunch at Su Meriacru, a family-run restaurant famous for preserving the authenticity of traditional Sardinian cuisine and where you will taste a truly exceptional Maialetto.

After lunch you can relax some more on the beach or head back toward La Caletta, stopping in Santa Lucia, a hamlet of Siniscola characterized by a 17th-century Aragonese tower. Strolling through the streets of the center, you'll have the chance to have an aperitif at Poseidon Cafè or at La Conchiglia, both great places to have a drink surrounded by a charming location. 

Ti racconto di Santa Lucia anche nella mia personale lista dei borghi che non puoi assolutamente perdere, leggi here

If you want to stop in Santa Lucia also for dinner (and I recommend it) then book a table at Food & Wine Sa Corte, perfect for eating a plate of fresh fish with a sea view.


We could not miss a day dedicated to the nearby Gulf of Orosei, a magical place where you can discover the wild and enchanting nature of Sardinia. But before leaving, don't forget to have a good breakfast in La Caletta, at Bar Oceania!

Ovviamente le soluzioni per visitare il Golfo di Orosei sono tantissime. Compreso il Gommone con partenza da Cala Gonone. 


What I recommend is to book a mini-cruise by boat to visit some of the coves considered the most beautiful in all of Sardinia. 

Booking is easy, you will be able to go the night before (but better a few days in advance) to one of the kiosks located at the square in the Port of La Caletta. 

You will be able to choose between two different boats that will take approximately the same route. 


Departure for the trip is scheduled daily at 9 a.m. from the Port of La Caletta.

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Again, I recommend a super packed lunch and a great desire to discover new natural beauty.

With the motorboat you will stop next to the most famous and fascinating beaches in the Gulf including Cala Mariolu and Cala Luna.

Please note however: the stop at Cala Luna beach is not guaranteed in less than optimal marine and tidal weather conditions due to the shallow water, alternatively the stop will be at Cala Sisine beach.

Immediately after always by motorboat you will be able to make "a jump" to the famous Grotta del Fico, inhabited until a few decades ago by the now extinct monk seal, and then straight to Cala Goloritzè, the last beach of the Gulf for a short photo stop during which you can admire the majestic natural arch and the Spire a stone outcrop about 150 mt high, a typical feature of this magnificent place.

A cove that would deserve a whole day just for her, home in fact also of trekking. You can get there on foot by land starting from the parking of su Porteddu, on theGolgo plateau, and it winds for three and a half kilometers in the Supramonte of Baunei with an elevation gain of 470 meters: about an hour downhill and an hour and a half uphill on the way back, within everyone's reach. The long walk in the midst of a Mediterranean 'jungle' will be amply rewarded: it ends in a pristine oasis, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. 


Return to La Caletta by about 7 p.m.

Prezzi: Quanto costa prendere la motonave?

  • July and August 60€ adults (+ 10€ for those wishing to visit the fig cave) - children 34€

  • Giugno e settembre  56€ adulti – bambini 31€

* children under 4 years old free

In recent years, a new possibility has also arisen: in fact, the same company also offers a second service with its motonave Galana. Same tour but with the possibility to have lunch on board consisting of a first course of fregola allo scoglio, water and bread, with a surcharge of 10€ adults, 6€ children 


Departure is scheduled daily from the Port of La Caletta di Siniscola at 9 a.m.

The service offered by this motorship is almost identical with a stop also at the Cave of the Countess of Navarra, also known as Cala degli Innamorati.

As with the first motorboat at 5 p.m. it will resume sailing for the return scheduled for 7 p.m. in the Port of La Caletta.

Here I also leave you a Note identified just from the Official Website of the Motorboat:

(*)The duration of the beach stop at Cala Mariolu will be 1 1/2 hours. The duration of the stops on the other beaches is about 1 hour and 30 minutes - 2 hours each; For navigation safety reasons determined frequently by the changing conditions of the seabed of the landing points on the beach of Cala Luna, the captain reserves the right to replace the stop at Cala Luna with Cala Sisine or other Cala del Golfo..

(**)Il biglietto di ingresso alla Grotta  è acquistabile presso le biglietterie Davide & Golia € 10.00 adults, € 5.00 children (ages 6-13)

For a day in the Gulf Coves you will definitely need to make arrangements for lunch and snacks. You will be able to bring what you want on board or you can take advantage of the Dining Points on board the ship.


Return is scheduled for 7 p.m. and chances are you will want to rest and recover some energy after a wonderful but tiring day.

My first suggestion is a super refreshing shower, and then dinner with a glass of wine on the Veranda of my Charming House. Soft light, tranquility, scents and fresh air.

A delight.

If, on the other hand, you don't feel like cooking, but don't want to stray too far from "home" then you can opt for a quiet dinner at one of La Caletta's many eateries.

  • La Colmena
  • La Spigola d’oro
  • Pizzeria Da Bastiano
  • Pizzeria La rosa dei venti
  • Il Moletto Fish Bar

You can learn more in the Local Tastes category of my blog.



Good morning 😀 We have reached day four and I hope your vacation is going well.

New day, new beach. The day after an all-day hike, it's probably best not to stray too far to regain our strength, so today we'll enjoy beautiful places not far away.

Today we explore the surroundings of Siniscola and its beaches, in particular, that of Sa Petra Ruja. It in fact, in addition to possessing a charm not to be underestimated, is ideal for families with children because of its shallow and crystal clear waters but above all because of the dunes and the pine forest in which to rest and shelter during the hottest hours.

Se non hai con te un pranzo al sacco e vuoi restare in zona allora potrai comodamente spostarti a piedi verso l’interno e raggiungere, in 5 minuti, il ristorante La Corona di Ichnos. The location is lovely, nestled in the pine forest that will give you a few hours of coolness and relaxation, as well as excellent dishes.

Here the calm and the pine forest will give you ample breathing room and you can often get a tan and then return to a cool area, and when the sun is about to set, by now you know...

...It's time for a shower and a super Aperitivo (and dinner if you want) in a super picturesque place.

Ti consiglio infatti di fare un giro nel piccolo seaside village of Porto Ottiolu, a half hour from the beach or at any rate from my Charming House. Strolling through the streets of the center you will come across small squares, clubs and traditional restaurants where you can have dinner before leaving again for La Caletta.



The fifth day of your vacation in La Caletta, if you have never seen it before, then it is dedicated to La Maddalena, an archipelago located about 2 hours north of the city, with its world-famous Pink Beach and Budelli Island. Despite the distance, it is really worth taking a day to visit coves and beaches located along the 45 km of coastline. 

Having only one day, it is advisable to visit La Maddalena with a boat tour, which can take you through most of the wonders of the 7 main islands in a short time.


Ti consiglio di affidarti alla compagnia Elena tour Navigazioni attraverso questo link ufficiale

You will be able to take one of the company's ships from June to September every day, barring adverse weather conditions, departing from Palau about 1:20h drive from La Caletta.

Your "Journey within a Journey" is about to begin. All you have left to do is to choose from the possibilities offered:

  • Possibility 1: ITINERARY 1
  • Possibility 2: MAXI TOUR

Below are details and prices that you can also find directly on their official website:


Departure from Palau (in front of the maritime station, near the ferry embarkation) at 10:00 a.m. 

Stop: historic center of La Maddalena for free visit. 

Stop: bathing on the beach at cala Corsara, island of Spargi. 

View of the famous Pink Beach and the Port of the Madonna, the Natural Pools of Budelli 

Stop: bathing on the beach at cala Santa Maria at the island of Santa Maria 

Stop: swim from the boat at cala Coticcio "Tahiti" on the island of Caprera 

Return to Palau at about 5:30 p.m. after skirting the island of S. Stefano and Capo d'Orso 


  • Adulti: 54€
  • Bambini da 7 a 10 anni: 44€
  • Bambini da 4 a 6 anni: 40€
  • Neonati da 0 a 3 anni: 20€

The MAXI TOUR will run every day starting June 21 (May and October excluded))

  • Embarkation point in front of Palau maritime station near ferry embarkation
  • Check-in by 09:20 a.m.
  • Municipal disembarkation tax is not included in the price (€ 2.50 per person in May, September and October; € 5.00 per person from June to August. Children up to 6 years old free). In case of reservation only, it must be paid in cash at embarkation
  • Parking info in Palau: Parking Porto Palau (Via Capo d'Orso No. 40), Parking Palau Libero Gratis (Via Riva dei Lestrigoni No. 24), Parking Palau Vecchio (Largo Palau Vecchio No. 1). It is recommended to bring 10 euros in coins
  • Food and drinks are not included in the ticket price and can be purchased optionally on board. You will find: Primo piatto tipico al sugo di crostacei; pasta with simple sauce; caprese salad...


Departure from Palau (in front of the maritime station, near the ferry embarkation) at 10:00 a.m. 

Stop: historic center of La Maddalena for free visit. 

Stop: bathing on the beach at cala Corsara, island of Spargi 

Vision of the famous Pink Beach 

Stop: bathing from the boat in the Porto della Madonna - Natural pools of the island of Budelli 

Stop: bathing on the beach in cala S. Maria - island of S. Maria 

Return to Palau at about 5:30 p.m. after skirting Punta Sardegna and Port Rafael 


  • Adults 45€
  • Children from 7 to 10 years 30€
  • Children from 4 to 6 years 30€
  • Children from 0 to 3 years 15€

As for Day 3, again on your return in the late afternoon the 1st advice is to enjoy a wonderful dinner on the veranda of My Charming House, if you wish you could also order in. Otherwise you could opt for one of the places you find along the pedestrian promenade of La Caletta.



Today is the penultimate day of this short Guide developed over 7 days, and today a day reserved for the beaches around La Calettais a must. Many of them are in fact famous for snorkeling, such as those of Cala Brandinchi and Lu Impostu, as well as being really 2 pearls to visit and enjoy absolutely places to enter the beach are limited, so it is advisable to go early in the morning.

For lunch you can comfortably stop at the kiosk present in the beaches and then come back to relax until the afternoon. If you want to have an unforgettable sea-view aperitif, you can take the car and move 5 miles north. There you will find Cafè 12.1perfect for a cool drink vista mare.



The last day of your 7-day vacation in La Caletta should be unforgettable. That's why you should book and spend the morning at the Biderosa Nature Oasis. Only a limited number of people can enter this oasis, and what you will see in front of you will be miles and miles of Pinewoods and Beaches with extraordinary Reserved Coves.  

Alternatively, if you don't feel like booking or won't make it in time, you can still go and visit the world-famous Capocomino Dunes. 

Very high dunes, very fine sand, crystal formed sea and flowers and strawberry tree almost everywhere. A spectacle of nature. The Dunes..

In the afternoon, if you want to stay near La Caletta I suggest you visit the small village of Posada for a walk and an aperitif in the Bar Antico Terrazzo with a view of the whole town.

We can say that in the context of this article it is almost a Last Dinner.

And that is why I have reserved one of the most indigenous places in the area, to leave you as a last memory the true Sardinian flavor...just a few kilometers by car from La Caletta.

Dinner atAgriturismo Sa tanca e Bore, near Siniscola, is a must. What awaits you is an unforgettable evening with set menu and dream products. 

I hope so much that this guide has helped you experience an unforgettable Week in La Caletta and Beyond La Caletta (hence the name of my site). 

I'd love to hear what you think and if you've tried it. 

E se non hai ancora alloggiato alla mia Charming House a La Caletta, leggi l’articolo Where to sleep in La Caletta: the best solution for a holiday home in La Caletta e te ne convincerai sicuramente. Spero di conoscerti presto e regalarti una vacanza da sogno a 360°. Dal Comfort di una casa ideale all’organizzazione minuziosa della tua Vacanza da Sogno. 

P.S. Se sei in vacanza a La Caletta con i tuoi piccoli, ti consiglio di dare uno sguardo all’articolo Vacanze in Sardegna con Bambini, troverai alcuni spunti utili per trascorrere una giornata all’insegna del divertimento insieme a loro 🙂

See you soon,

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