La Caletta (Sardegna) is a small town on the east coast of Sardinia.

It is a favourite destination for travellers seeking a quiet and peaceful getaway..

It is the ideal destination if you are looking for a relaxing holiday away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Qui troverai spiagge bellissime, acqua cristallina, cibo delizioso, atmosfera rilassata e antiche tradizioni da vivere.

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Historical background

La Caletta originated as a natural landing place called 'Sa Calitta' or 'little cove' or 'little harbour' by the mariners to receive boats coming from the peninsula to load grain, wine and cheese.

Gradually, the small harbour became increasingly important in trade. This is why improvements to the entire village were soon needed in the early 1900s: reclamation and draining of the marshes as well as construction of the main structures began.

Durante il secondo conflitto mondiale fu edificata la chiesa della Madonna di Fatima, per proteggere i soldati impegnati nella guerra e gli abitanti del piccolo paese, ed oggi simbolo rappresentativo della fede cittadina ed oggetto della Festa più grande della città a lei dedicata ogni anno.

Dopo gli anni ’60 questo antico villaggio di pescatori ha tratto vantaggio dalla crescita e dallo sviluppo dell’industria turistica, grazie anche alla costruzione di un porto commerciale e turistico.

Un accenno sul Porto di La Caletta in Sardegna

The harbour of La Caletta is now located in an area where the ancient Portus Liguidonus built by the Romans stood, but it is assumed that the harbour already existed before the arrival of the Romans.

The current port was built in the 1950s, subsequently modernised and expanded around the end of the 1990s, and today serves commercial, fishing and tourist functions.

In recent years, the port, like other works and events, has been imbued with the Sardinian soul.

Its embellishment and decoration, in fact, was not just the project of an artist or an association, but its realisation passed through the hands of most of the people living in the land of La Caletta, from the youngest to the oldest.

Here is an example of the terracotta decorations modelled at the University of the Third Age in Siniscola.


These, once completed and decorated, will be displayed directly on the pier. Here they will form a splendid mosaic.


Come raggiungere La Caletta in Sardegna

La Caletta è una splendida località balneare situata sulla costa nord-orientale della Sardegna. 

To reach La Caletta, if you arrive in Sardinia by boat, there are mainly two alternatives:

  1. Arriving at Olbia port
  2. Arriving at the port of Golfo Aranci

Once you reach one of the two ports, the easiest way to reach La Caletta is by car.

Below I have constructed a map for you where you can find the best route depending on your starting point.

Just click on the map and from the menu on the left select which port you are departing from.

Some alternatives:

If, on the other hand, you have chosen the plane as your means of transport, the best alternatives for getting around Sardinia and reaching La Caletta are two:

  1. Hiring a car directly at the airport (in the middle of summer this could be expensive, though recommended)
  2. Take the bus (which you will find at the airport exit)

Even in the latter case, there are two main lines:

  1. Bus Deplano: private line that for 8€ per ticket will take you from Olbia airport to La Caletta in about 45 minutes (precisely to the ARST Esso stop, from where you can reach my Charming House in 5 minutes on foot)
  2. Bus ARST: public line that for between 3€ and 5€ will take you to your destination in about 1 hour and 30 minutes (Piazza Caduti del Mare stop, 0 minutes from my Charming House).
    you can buy tickets directly on board or via two apps: Dropticket and Tabnet. Here you can find their QR codes to download either application quickly.


La Caletta is the ideal place for extreme and adventurous as well as relaxing water sports.

Among the first ones here you can definitely try:

  • Snorkeling
  • Diving
  • Windsurf
  • Kitesurf
  • Wakeboard

Among the latter I would definitely recommend:

  • Kayak
  • SUP
  • Amateur fishing from the boat

Surely if you enjoy sun, wind and crystal clear water you won't get bored 😉

Ci sono anche diverse attività nei dintorni per i più piccoli, leggi l’articolo Vacanze in Sardegna con bambini per conoscerle tutte!

Traditional Festivals

The feast of Nostra Signora di Fatima announces the beginning of summer. The streets begin to populate and colours appear everywhere. The entire pedestrian route is filled with stalls selling local products, concerts and other civil and religious events.

Nei dintorni di La Caletta (Sardegna)

For thirty kilometres, the coast of Siniscola alternates between landscapes of smooth rocks and white beaches.

La Caletta occupies almost half of the total 12 kilometres of fine sand.

Heading south is Santa Lucia, another characteristic fishing village native of the island of Ponza, founded around a 16th century Aragonese tower.

Se sei curioso di conoscere meglio Santa Lucia e altri meravigliosi borghi della Sardegna ti consiglio di leggere il mio articolo dedicato ai borghi cliccando qua

Further south, you will come across Capo Comino, a beach characterised by white dunes and centuries-old junipers.

Continuing on you can admire Berchida, for many the most beautiful beach in the world. It also holds the prestigious Green Flag, awarded by Italian paediatricians who recommend it for children's tourism.

But Sardinia, as you know, is not just beaches.

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From the Neolithic to the present day, in fact, many works are still visible and can be visited, allowing you to take a real plunge into the past.

First and foremost are the Domus de’ Janas (pre-Nuragic tombs excavated in the rock) distributed throughout the Sardinian territory. About three kilometres from the town, you can already see the domus de' Janas of Cuccuru 'e Janas (fairy hill) on the provincial road between Siniscola and La Caletta. 

It is impossible not to tell you about Nuraghi present everywhere and also arranged around the town of La Caletta. For your convenience on this occasion I will point out the closest ones:

  • Sa Gurutta: discovered in the 1990s
  • Su Gorropis
  • Sa Domo Bianca

For a guided tour of the Nuraghe Sa Gurutta our advice is to visit the website of the municipality of Siniscola and contact the tourist office for information on opening hours and guided tour times

The Giants' Tombs:

In the same area, there are remains of some Tombs of the Giants.

They are called tombs of the giants mainly because of their monumental size.

In this article I mention only the closest ones for a cultural walk near La Caletta:

  • Su Picante
  • Sas Colovranas

These particular tombs essentially consist of a burial chamber up to 30 metres long and 3 metres high. Originally, the entire structure was covered by a mound more or less resembling an inverted boat. The front of the structure is bordered by a kind of semicircle, almost symbolising the horns of a bull, and in the oldest tombs, a stele up to four metres high is placed in the centre of the semicircle, usually finely carved and provided at the base with a small opening that - it is assumed - was closed by a boulder.

La Caletta è il luogo perfetto per rilassarsi e godersi le vacanze (te lo racconto bene here). Con acque cristalline, spiagge meravigliose e un’atmosfera rilassata, potrai dimenticare tutti i disturbi quotidiani e goderti il momento. Se sei alla ricerca di una fuga mozzafiato in Sardegna, La Caletta è il posto giusto.

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