Eating well in La Caletta and beyond: the restaurants I recommend!

Here, then, is a list (which is not a ranking) of the best restaurants in La Caletta.

Being on holiday certainly means seeking relaxation, unplugging, and enjoying every moment, but this certainly does not mean giving up good food.
Every time I travel, in fact, I ask myself where I could most easily find the flavours that identify the place where I am at that moment, and increasingly I rely on those who live that place every day. That is why this Guide to the best restaurants in La Caletta. (and not only) was created, so that you can rely on those who were born and raised here.



The Pompìa, remains the strangest fruit I have ever seen 🙂

It is also known as Citrus Monstruosa, precisely to link its (probable) family, the citron, to an aesthetic that does not make it its strong point.

But as is often the case, appearances are deceiving.

And it is indeed from this fruit that some of the most typical products of Sardinia, and Siniscola in particular, are born.

The Pompìa is a rare fruit, cultivated only in the municipalities of Siniscola and its surroundings, exploited both for its beneficial properties and to make sweets, jams... and the famous pompìa liqueur..

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Sardinian Origliette: the traditional sweet of Sardinia

Sardinia, as you know by now, is known for its rich and varied cuisine, based on fresh, quality ingredients. I have already had the opportunity to tell you about some of my favourite typical Sardinian products , but the topic would deserve a separate category for typical Sardinian sweets alone, including the sardinian origliette , which I have the desire to tell you about today, considering that I am writing these lines just as we approach Carnival.


Hungry for burgers? Here are 5 places to eat the best ever in La Caletta

I have recently been craving burgers! It's probably because it's summer and of all the times to lunch and dine out, it's a great alternative to a slightly more demanding dinner at a restaurant in La Caletta or a pizza on the fly, or simply because there are some absolutely tasty ones to be sampled around various burger joints and venues. Are you ready or willing to try one or more excellent burgers in La Caletta or not far away?

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our Mission

Oltre La Caletta ha unito l’idea di appartamento a quella di esperienza di viaggio, per offrire ai propri ospiti una completa immersione nella cultura e nelle tradizioni della nostra splendida isola.

Our mission is to make our guests feel at home, showing them all that La Caletta, and Sardinia in general, has to offer.




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