Sardinia is famous for its cuisine and products, but you know, "a pizz è semp a pizza" (Pizza is always pizza). And each of us, at least once a week, succumbs to this tasty temptation. That's why, if you're on vacation in La Caletta, I figured you might like to know which are the best pizzerias in La Caletta.

Of course you know, personal tastes remain untouchable and unquestionable, but I have tried to be as impartial as possible in compiling what will therefore not be a ranking.

Let's start. 

Pizzeria a La Caletta: La Rosa dei Venti

Via Livorno, 59, La Caletta (NU)

If you are staying at my Charming House, this pizzeria is literally a stone's throw away. All you have to do is open the gate, walk out, and go straight for 2 minutes, and you will have finally reached your destination.

With each step forward, the smell of burning wood and pizza gets closer and closer.

La Rosa dei Venti is one of the best known pizzerias in the area, but depending on taste it may or may not be your favorite. 

In fact, here the pizza is served "cart wheel" that is, as big as the plate, thin and a bit crispy (typical in Sardinia and closer to Roman pinsa than Neapolitan pizza) but still delicious.

I leave here the website for you to take a look and discover the 1st Taste you would like to try:

Da Bastiano: excellent pizzeria in La Caletta 

Via Livorno, 10 La Caletta (NU)

As you may have guessed from the address, this pizzeria is also located 2 steps away from my Charming House. In fact, by staying here you will be a stone's throw from most businesses, a stone's throw from the pedestrian center and a few steps from the sea. Not bad, right?

But back to Bastiano. 

I have included this pizzeria second because besides being delicious it is conceptually opposite to the first one.

In fact, here the pizza will be more "a canotto" as they say in the vernacular, that is, with a slightly higher crust and the pizza decidedly softer due to a long-leavened dough as well as a different method of rolling out.


I definitely recommend you try it, and why not, book it at home and enjoy it on the veranda under the stars and with a glass of wine.

Web site: 

La Colmena

Piazza del Porto, La Caletta (Nu)

If you feel like walking around the pedestrian area of La Caletta, wandering among the stalls and stores and then stopping for a family pizza, La Colmena is the place to be. 

The ambiance is youthful and the atmosphere is suitable for enjoying a convivial moment without displeasing anyone. Both the pizza flavors and the alternatives to it here will surely please everyone.

Facebook page:

Il Talismano 

Via Antonio Gramsci, 85, 08029 Siniscola NU

As the Payoff of the Osteria suggests, here you will experience "Tradition at the table." You breathe an air of authenticity and tranquility, far from the hustle and bustle and with the possibility of carving out a family moment of true taste. 

At Talisman the pizza is good and follows a bit of the "wagon wheel" pattern, a bit thinner and crispier. 

If you prefer a little crispier pizza in a more family-friendly setting this is the place:


Ristorante Pizzeria CARPE DIEM

Via Garibaldi, 13, Posada, Italy

Out-of-town pizza.

In the top 5 I also wanted to include a pizzeria a little far from both La Caletta and Siniscola...but not too far either.

Here in fact you will be in Posada, a small nearby village that I absolutely recommend you see and about which I also tell you in a special article in the blog section Il Territorio. 

A perched village with its famous Castle and a magnificent view, and if you have decided to spend part of your day here and why not, have a splendid aperitif with a panoramic view, then you might consider stopping for dinner as well.

And the place I recommend is Ristorante Pizzeria Carpe Diem.

You can find its Facebook page here:


I hope you found this brief guide useful and that you have already tried at least one of these pizzerias or are in the process of doing so.

If, on the other hand, you are craving burgers, read my article on the absolute best ones to try here!

I'd love to hear what you think in a comment below.

P.S. also read: Eating well in La Caletta and beyond: the restaurants I recommend!

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